December 08, 2002

Another week down!

Last week was pretty cool, we got the first snow of the year and probably about 7 inches of it. I always hate having to drive after it snows because everyone drives so poorly. I also have a strong dislike for my car door freezing shut, then refusing to shut properly once pried open. Repeated banging or waiting with the heater on are the usual solutions. Frustrating when its early. I also didn't have a real ice scrapper with me so that made it more fun too. I still can't complain too much though, it was snow and I like snow.

Its about time to start Christmas shopping too. Always fun trying to pick gifts, especially gifts on my budget. I'll be glad when I have that done, but its usually Christmas Eve before I'm done.

I also have a final for my database class on Tuesday. I honestly have no idea how I'm doing in it so that should be exciting. Once thats over I'll have about a month off school and then I plan on starting back with school and cutting out a few hours of work each week. It should be better for me in the long run to get done with school sooner even if I prefer work. I do need to start filling out papers and stuff soon though for loans for next semester. The school should start to try to bleed me dry for some money before long.

Posted by johnm at December 8, 2002 09:46 PM
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