December 24, 2002

I'm a mirror for you, as well.

There are spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen Star Trek Nemesis yet, quit reading and go to the theather before its gone.

I'm torn on my thoughts for the 10th Star Trek movie, which I saw last Sunday. I really didn't care for any Star Trek series all that much except for The Next Generation which I really liked. The cast really made the show, especially Patrick Stewart. I'd been looking forward to Nemesis for a long time, even though it is to be the last movie featuring this cast. All good things.....

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. It had plenty of nice action scenes from the Picard, Data, and Worf driving the buggy around on the planet, to in-ship fire fights, and some excellent ship battles. I must admit I still don't understand why in every recent Star Trek movie the Enterprise must hit a planet, other ship, etc. Starfleet's flagship must spend alot of time in dock for repair at this rate.

On the down side the movie had a pretty weak story. Thats certainly not to say that Star Trek is the king of plot, but I can usually count on something a little more developed. This movie is pretty much bad guy has a big gun and wants to blow up Earth and the good guys stop him. Good action a twist or two would have been nice at least. The big sore point for me though is Data blowing up. Was it really necessary for the story, especially if this is the last TNG movie? Modeled a little much like Spock's death perhaps? Now we're just stuck with Data's retarded younger brother, yay. Wil Wheaton got screwed too and should have had his scene in the movie. I always wanted to see John DeLancie's character, Q, appear in one of the movies too.

In short, if you like Star Trek, especially The Next Generation you should go see this movie. Even if you just like general sci-fi/space shooters you might want to go see it. If you're a big fan you'll probably be a little disappointed to see what many think is the best Trek series to end with this movie. Pop in First Contact and watch it at least to make up for it since its still the best in the TNG movie series. Nemesis was an entertaining movie and worth seeing but really could have been better and deserved better for wrapping up the series. See it anyway.

Posted by johnm at December 24, 2002 11:03 PM
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