January 01, 2003

LOTR: The Two Towers Review

First, happy new year. Hoppefully the last year was good for everyone but may the new one be even better.

That said I went to saw the Two Towers Lord of the Rings movie a couple days ago. I was pretty impressed with it. The Fellowship of the Ring was an enjoyable movie too, but seemed to drag at points. I did buy the dvd but still usually wind up falling asleep at some point while I'm watching it. This time the director did a much better job at keeping the story flowing, at least I thought so. Of course the story might just be a little more exciting at this point anyway though.

Gollum was awesome looking through the entire film as well. Down to the strands of hair bouncing as he moved, he looked flawless to me. The only visual complain I would even have for the movie is where the two hobbits are riding on the walking trees. I know the trees are called something else but I'm not a big Lord of the Rings person so I'll just call them walking trees. Anyway there are a few close up shots of a hobbit, I think Pippin, at the top of the tree. In all those shots it looked like a really bad chromakey job to me. I don't know if the lighting was different in the shots or what but it just looked kind of nasty to me.

That is a a minor complaint though for a good movie. Go see the movie and don't get anything to drink if you plan to watch the whole thing. The bathroom is a good 3 hours and 20 minutes away with previews and everything else.

Posted by johnm at January 1, 2003 02:09 AM
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