January 21, 2003

Week number two...

Well the second week of school starts tomorrow, well I guess in a few hours today actually. Its a shame we didn't get a busy day like Tuesday off instead of a day when I just have one easy class but I can't complain too much since it is still a day off. I took the time to go down to Cairo for some work related activities. I guess I now know why no one has ever said, "Hey, lets go to Cairo!" There doesn't exactly seem to be much to do. I took some pictures of their downtown area and its just deserted with only a couple businesses. Some of the scenery on the way there was neat looking though and I might try to go out and snap some pictures when I have time.

I've also discovered that I could pretty easily give up tv I think. I like The Screensavers on TechTV (although its no where near as good as it used to be, I can always hope it will get better again) and a few shows on Comedy Central that I could easily go without. I've gotten alot more used to listening to the radio lately and that and the Internet could easily fill my little amount of free time. If TechTV ever goes down I know how I'll save $40 a month!

This weekend I did pick up and watch the Oceans 11 dvd and liked it quite a bit. I've always been a fan of caper or heist movies and this was the best (although about only one) that I've seen since DeNiro and Brando in The Score. Its a pretty basic story but it flows well, shows off Las Vegas (been thinking about it some with DefCon 11 coming up), and has a good unexpected twist or two in it. I would say at least rent it if you haven't seen it. One thing that stood out to me was the musical score. Its probably nothing to listen to on its own, but was very effective in the movie. I took particular note of scenes with a strong bass in background. Its now Tuesday so The Bourne Identity should also be available and I would encourage you to watch that as well, I will be purchasing it. It may not be a deep story line or revolutionay film, but I found it to be an entertaining movie. I think it would have done much better at the box office if it hadn't been released at the same time as Minority Report. I liked it more than Minority Report too!

I think I need to change the design of the site some. Any suggestions? I'm thinking something like royal blue and black interlaced background with white text, but open to hearing what would look better or anything that should be added!

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