October 25, 2003

A Special Note to Spammers

I didn't include this with my previous post since I hoped this way it might be noticed and read, though I still doubt it. Some spammers have been posting comments here with links to their pages presumably in an effort to increase their Google pagerank score. Here is a sample with URL changed to screw the guilty:

Hi! Nice site! Please visit our site also http://www.google.com/ . Viagra see you soon.

If you're planning to try to spam using my site you should know your comment is emailed to me after it is posted, I will see that email almost immediately unless I'm sleeping and it will be removed. Don't waste time for either of us and just go spam usenet like you usually do or something.

If it becomes an issue I'll just setup comment approval I guess. Might try to read how other bloggers are handling this later. Dirty spammers......

Posted by johnm at October 25, 2003 09:29 AM
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