November 01, 2004

I hate voting

I like it in theory but it feels like so much fucking bullshit. For example I decided tonight I would go over the candidates more and be sure I knew who I was interested in voting in. Being a Libertarian I often have to pick someone who I don't like no matter what. In this case I would up at one of my state's senate candidates pages comparing his stance on certain issues to his opponents. The page included phrases like "pro-infanticide, anti-jobs, anti-worker, anti-consumer, and anti-law abiding." My god its the devil himself. Bet you can't guess which party this guy is with. I'm sure the other candidate is anti-jobs. It sounds retarded to even read that phrase. While I might agree with the republican economic issues and sometimes give them a higher prioirity than my agreement with democratic social issue, seeing stuff like that makes me just want to quit reading their literature. If you can't present your stances on issues compared to your competitions in a way that doesn't fall just short of calling yourself perfect and the other guy pure evila, maybe that changes my view.

I also can't stand automated calls for the candidates. If you can't find people supporting your candidacy to make the calls you shouldn't be allowed to make them. Even then I'm not sure you should. It certainly also makes me less likely to vote for a candidate when they annoy the piss out of me.

Whats up with qualifications that have nothing to do with anything at all? I don't want to see pictures of you with your family. I don't care that the candidate for state supreme court was an Airborne Ranger. I guess if someone gets out of line you could kick their ass... I also don't want to see a picture of him at 2 years in a wash tub or standing over a dead antelope later in life.

Best one yet though, for my state house representative district the Republican candidate is Steve "Weiner" Steevens. I'll pause a moment to let the snickering die down. Its really difficult to find much on either candidate other than the incumbents track record. In this case though the St. Louis Post Dispatch also had a writeup about how they tried to contact Mr. Weiner, couldn't, his house burned down a couple years ago and theres just an empty trailer on the lot, they talked to his cousin or uncle or something and they didn't have access to his unlisted phone number. Wow. What a great candidate.

I must confess I'm a little lost on voting for coroner and the like too. Is there really much information out on what makes a good coroner? Campaigning? I admit I haven't gotten their phone calls. No necrophilia and we're probably fine. Maybe that could just be an appointed office. Ahhh well.

At least I can vote for 2 libertarian candidates this year. Its a shame there can't be real discussion of the issues like adults between the candidates. But hey presidental debates are only for 2 parties so I guess thats a bad example to follow.

I did get together today with Lanae and Poor Clint though which was really cool. Lanae's really cool and I dig hanging out with her so hopefully it won't be another year before I can do it again.

Posted by johnm at November 1, 2004 12:06 AM

You really need to update your blog.

Posted by: Jenny on April 4, 2005 09:13 AM

Hey, I just navigated to your site through and I just wanted to let you know you have a pretty cool site here. I generally snicker at the latest internet crazes like blogs and what ever else, but you've done a good job with your site. I can also simpathise with you about open source software. I run FreeBSD, and I love it, but it's a good thing I don't do anything but general computing b/c there is some open source software that just doesn't do an adequate job replacing Windows software. The Adobe stuff is just one good example of this. Of course a lot of the open source software is dependent on volunteer efforts which always has to give way to the things developers do to pay the bills. Between work, school and brewing I hardly even have enough time to read and answer questions at forums for noobs. Well just a few thoughts. Take care ~ Chris

Posted by: Chris Floess on September 25, 2005 04:49 PM

I am interested in your kegerator setup with the cornelius kegs. Where did you purchased your supplies and is the setup efficient enough to cool beer?


Posted by: Brent H. on December 23, 2005 05:18 PM
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