April 17, 2003

Ready for the Weekend and End of the Semester

Wow I'm ready for the end of the semester and even just this week. Yesterday I started feeling bad in the afternoon at work and went home. I wound up with quite a bit of abdominal soreness but its better today. I also had like a 102 degree fever. I was pretty close to making a doctors appointment but since I'm better today (still not great) I don't think I will. I figure it was gall stones or a slight appendicitis attack or something. If it happens again I'll probably go to the doctor. I'm not eager to consider the prospect of surgery at the moment but quite frankly hurting to walk or even lay down is quite annoying.

Theres a radio commercial on right now talking about donating blood plasma. Its sad but funny at the same time. "Where it pays to care...."

I caved to an impulse earlier today and ordered a pair of Doc Marten's. Everyone has always told me how comfortable they are and I found a pair I liked at a good price on ebay so I bought them. Anxious to see if they're as good as everyone says.

I also saw that the Family Guy DVD is out now so I think I might have to go pick them up this weekend. It was a hilarious cartoon, and not as good or intelligent as the Simpsons were at their peak but still great. I still think I like Undergrads more too, but that doesn't seem to be on DVD yet. Hopefully we'll still get more seasons.

I wish this weekend were going to be more free time based but I have a ton of end of the semester work to do for classes. I'll be glad when they're done but this summer will be packed with more. Sadly it looks like I might not get to go to Defcon this year because of it, but with state budget cuts my summer classes would be dropped. I woulnd't be pleased but at least I'd get to go to Defcon.

Not much has been going on so I haven't posted much lately. I think now I'll go get some dinner and try not to move or breathe too much!

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