June 16, 2003

My Eyes!

I just got back in from the drive to my dads for Father's Day weekend. On the way I decided I could use a bottle of Diet Dew and a quick bathroom stop. I stopped at the next Casey's along the way. I don't know how wide spread the Casey's "General Store" chain of gas stations is but it fits the southern Illinois hillbilly thing quite well. Anyway once I got to the next one I went in and headed for the bathroom, and opened the door to the mens room. They're single user bathrooms but much to my horror I threw the door open to see a large flannel clad man wiping his ass. My reaction was a mix of shock and laughter. I went on and just grabbed a bottle of dew and went to the register. The girl at the register asked if I walked in on the big guy. I told her yes and proceeded to make fun of him. She did say though that it wasn't that uncommon for people to not lock the doors and a few even leave them open as they use the bathroom! What the hell is wrong with people?

Well nothing much more for now, just watching some TV before I go to sleep.

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June 12, 2003

Government Oppression

I saw a nice story at BBC News about how the Egyptian government has banned The Matrix: Reloaded because the religious scenes may cause crises. I have trouble believing that the citizens of any country would allow a board of 15 people to determine what entertainment is suitable for them. Why makes people cede to this type of "protection?" Do they honestly believe such a system that benefits them or are they just not able to organize enough strength to change the system?

Of course at the same time in my own country I see citizens embracing the USA PATRIOT Act, ignoring the lack of charges being brought against prisioners in Guantanamo Bay, and allowing the government even more power to snoop and intrude on their lives with things like more lax wiretapping regulations. So I can't chide other countries citizens much when our own allow, or even approve of our government eroding our rights a little bit more.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." --- Benjamin Franklin

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June 03, 2003

Feeling Lazy

I woke up this morning with every intention of going to class today, especially since I didn't yesterday. Ultimately though it just didn't work out in favor of school. This interim class is almost over, most likely Thursday will be the last day. My grade is fine so I figure it won't hurt. Perhaps I'll make it there tomorrow so I hear a little of the lecture before the test, but maybe not. Its quite a nice rainy day to be relaxing at home though. I think in a few minutes I might head to work and get done a little early today.

I still to go register for the web based Sociology course I'm forced to take (see recent rant on transferring from a community college and what a waste of time that is). I still don't know why I can take web classes from the Sociology department but not my own other than my general feeling that it just plain sucks. I've had the paperwork signed for about three months, but they seem to want their $180 per credit hour at the time of registration. I don't know why they can't just tack it onto your existing bursar bill. So I figure tomorrow I'll run over there, put it on the credit card, and then call the financial aid office and ask for more money.

I've been looking around for new places to live and I really wish I owned property here. Talk about people overcharging for crap.... Place that look like they should be condemned go for a few hundred a month. I know that extra money isn't going to upkeep. I like my place alot but its just getting too expensive. I'm not sure if I'd like splitting a place with someone either. It'd probably get me out more and that would be good. It could also just be really annoying to always come home and have someone in your house too.

There are alot of problems with the Internet like spam, but why are we allowing domain name squatters? These people are just as much scum if not more so than spammers. They buy a bunch of domain names and hold them for bids. I just looked for a domain name I'd like to have and they're stating $500 as the minimum bid. So you can register them for $9 but we're allowing these asses to hold them ransom just because they can buy them so cheap and its worth it because of the inflated price they may get for one while the others go wasted? I'm not one to call for more rules very often, but I think the registrars need to step in and end squatting. If you go to a site and they're selling domains, they can forefit the name. Maybe make people justify the use. If you want additional IP addresses you'll have to justify it with your ISP, ARIN, or your regions ARIN equivelant. Why not the same with domain names. In the mean time they can keep the domain and I hope no one ever buys it. I certainly won't.

I think now I'm going to burn a new cd since I'm starting to get tired of the ones in the car and take off for work.

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