December 22, 2003

I Really Should Be Sleeping....

So its 4am and I have to be at work soon for a complete waste of my time. I usually can't complain about work too much, just a bit irritated at some projects happening now. I should be sleeping but its just not happening. 10 cups of tea sounded like a good idea many hours ago, but perhaps my judgement was somewhat erroneous. What better to do but post here.

I've actually intended to update with a time or two since the last post but each time I've wound up producing material I felt was personal. It really wouldn't matter given that the six people who would read it would probably just be getting a bad link from google or something. Right now I'm incredibly bored though. I'm quite used to having a small group of friends but the number of people who return my calls let alone call me is getting a bit old. I'm starting to bore myself. Need to change that.......

Finals are over and grade wise the semester went well. Only one more semester left for this degree. I'm still undecided on future ones. Maybe I'll find a job to help pay for the next one. One week of break is already gone and thats scary. I really could use a bit more time off. Actually I'd really like to take a short vacation somewhere but I'll have to see how funding looks for that.
I still have to do quite a bit of last minute shopping for gifts. Whee. I hate going to the mall, especially now. I'm going to find out what everyone wants in March this next year so I have plenty of time to mail order gifts. A few paragraphs up I complain about being a bit of a social recluse, and now is my savior. John: Now with 100% more irony!

Yesterday our terrorist alert level went up another color. Apparently terrorists are planning nasty things. Who knew. Isn't that just part of their job description? Of course on the news they showed that all but one ramp from the interstate had been closed down to the airport and security was searching SUVs before they even got to the airport. The state security czar or whatever said there were no known threats targeting the airport, but intellegence knew that terrorists were looking for airport weaknesses in general. I know I'd be thrilled as a traveler for the holidays to have delays from that on such a general fear. I wonder if the public will ever tire of these scare tactics.

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