June 07, 2004

Change and Familiarity

Its been a while as usual. Alot has changed, yet seems oddly familiar. I moved out of Carbondale after finishing my BS. You'd think for all I spent on tuition they could get the diploma to your quicker than like 8-10 weeks later. Driving a 24' U-Haul with 200k miles is less than pleasant. I only hopped a couple curbs...or Miatas....it is hard to tell. They're also pretty costly. You also can't help but feel a little dumb spending time and money to move college quality furniture.

For the time being it is all moved to my dads where I now reside, and drive from to work 3 days a week at say 1:20 each way. I can't say I care for not having my own place, but the price is right. I figured a little time semi-off for a mini-vacation and to work on some personal projects would be good. I'm really feeling the urge for something new in life though, it is boring and routine now. In a few months I hope to shake things up quite a bit.

It's interesting all the crap you dig up when you move. Not that it makes up for all the hassle that is though. For example while cleaning out my desk I found where Krissa took a pad of post-it notes and made a huge "This is not a love note" note one day. It was pretty nice to just find that out of the blue, even if there is a bit of sadness associated with it. The good stuff like that though is few and far between. Mostly it was more just jamming old mattresses, box springs, and cinder blocks in the dumpster.

Brewing is about to take a turn for the more expensive, time consuming, and hopefully better tasting. I have constructed a mash tun from a cooler, and got in about 40 pounds of grain today to make two batches of beer from grain instead of extract with. Pictures should be up in the gallery in a week or two since I think this weekend is when I'll brew. This time I'm making a barley wine and a saison. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Months without writing and thats the best I can do.....ah well like I said, more excitement in the coming months more than likely.

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