February 25, 2003

Tuesday Morning

Well I feel like I should post this as a followup to my whining from a few days ago. Apparently that friend does read my blog and she called and assured me that she wasn't blowing me off. I was really just kind of letting off steam through writing which is something I've been known to do, but I just usually don't share it. I'm trying to include more personal stuff in the blog because most anyone who reads this shouldn't know me and it won't matter! :) I do still censor some of my writing though and write some stuff for just myself too...I'm just not comfortable enough with it yet to share with everyone!

All that aside, we did have a good conversation but it eventually turned to "would it work out if we tried again" or something along those lines. It is a question that I have wondered from time to time but I passed it off to her. The short answer was no. Thats cool, I can appreciate that since she is a busy person and has a bunch of new friends there.

I'm glad she told me though since it will lay to rest any cusiosity or wondering in my mind. It sucks, but I can appreciate the honesty and straightforwardness. I'm glad to still have her as a friend though and hope she wasn't put off by the conversation in any way. Hopefully I can still persuade her to hang out from time to time! :)

Well its tuesday morning, I woke up to see sunlight streaming in from around the blinds and thought, "excellent its going to be a little warmer and nicer today." Of course when I openeded the blinds I came to from the sleep induced stupor and noticed it was 17 degrees and there was 6 inches of snow on the deck.... I'm really looking forward to walking to class.

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February 24, 2003

Wow, why didn't I think of that?

So last night I took a break from homework and started channel surfing some. I don't watch a whole lot of TV to start with so I miss out on alot of the new stuff thats on. I also don't get any local broadcast networks since I'm in a pit and too far away from the stations. They won't allow DirecTV to provide them either so if its ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc I don't see it. Really about all I watch is The Screensavers on TechTV, Undergrads and Insomniac on Comedy Central, and maybe an hour or two or surfing a week. I feel like I'm really over-paying for what I watch too.

Back to the story though, I was watching tv and a commercial for weight loss pills came on. Ohhhh but this just wasn't your average weight loss pill commercial. Yes they touted just how wonderful they were as any commercial for a crap product worth its salt (as a crap product) would. They got to the part though where it said something like "this pill isn't for those who need vanity weight loss, its far too powerful, and expensive for that." WOW! Does saying how expensive something is really make it sell better? I spend thousands of dollars a year paying for an education so I can try to use what I learn and the skills I've developed to make money. Someone else whipped together a load of unregulated herbs, slapped it in a pill, and sells it to suckers for $80 a bottle or whatever. I wouldn't be happy if thats how I made my money, but man it almost makes me sick to think how much money someone probably is making this way. I just really wouldn't have expected selling diet pills because they are expensive, and therefor must be good would work......

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February 14, 2003

Yay a weekend, boo a weekend

Well the weekend is here and I'm thankful. Its been a long week between work and school. I prevailed with my battle over the ldap server and importing some ldifs. The mail server project is still a work in progress. Qmail's isn't looking up the users in openldap properly yet. Documentation sucks, and setup sucks for the combination if you ask me. Ldap is beyond explation, in concept its pretty simple, implementing it with a large user database from an existing ldap server is another story. I'm sure it will seem easier once I get it all figured out but so far its an enormous pain in the ass, although it looks like it will be cool once its up and running.

I'm also kind of let down this weekend though. I was really looking forward to spending some time with a friend I haven't seen in months later this weekend. Sadly though I got a call telling me that its not going to work out this weekend. I've thought a few times that we'd get together but it never works out after we talked about it. I don't know if I'm looking too far into it but maybe I should take it as a hint and just quit asking. I try to pick up on things but I'll admit I can be a little naive when someone tries to drop a hint or something. I'd like to think thats not what it is but you have to figure that during like 6 months something could have worked out sometime. You just never want to think that someone you consider to be a good friend wouldn't want to see you but I guess thats the way it goes sometimes.

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February 08, 2003

Ballistic & some (removed) whining

I was sitting around bored tonight and started to surf the DirecTV pay-per-view listing and came across Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever. I always thought it looked like the kind of movie that you wouldn't want to buy but I was still inexplicably drawn to watch it. I ordered it for $4 (a little more expensive than rental...but I didn't have to go rent it) fired up the home theater and sat back for the movie of the night.

I'm really not sure what to say about this movie. The plot fell short of my expectations even as a mindless action movie. I really didn't care what happened to any of the characters either. So in some senses I'd say this movie really sucks. On the other hand if you're just wanting to see alot of shooting and things blown up its not half bad. I don't care for Lucy Liu or Antonie Banderas much either so that might have changed my opinion a little bit too. Although I do admire Banderas for following the world-class assassin dress code and wearing a tie. If you're an assassin you must wear a tie. I blame the Bond series for making this a requirement.

Overall its not a bad movie, but certainly not great either. Be prepared for an action movie only when you see this. My advice would be to wait for it to come on cable. I don't think its really worth the rental cost unless you're just dying to see this type of movie. I need a rating system so I could assign this the lowest rating of recently viewed movies.

Life is pretty boring otherwise at the moment. I'm about a month into this semester and will be glad when its over. One more year and I'll finally be done. The odd thing is I'm actually starting to considering a masters degree if the IT market doesn't pick up much. I figure more earning potential in the long run if I can put up with it.

(removed whining due to better judgement)

Insomniac is on so maybe I'll watch that for a bit and have some dew and vodka, its been a long time since I've done that.

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February 03, 2003


I've always loved "adult" cartoons (no thats not what I mean either) like The Simpsons, The Family, and have even been known to quietly admit liking The Family Guy. When I turned on Comedy Central one Sunday night a few months ago I saw that a cartoon was going to be on that I had never seen before called Undergrads. A quick check of Google showed that it has recently run for a short period of time on MTV. I pretty much figured that it was going to suck as anything tainted with MTV does.

I was wrong, I've watched every show (13 of them) since and its hilarious! Sadly though it seems like they only have these 13 episodes and still haven't been able to secure funding for more. Its a shame because they're probably funnier than The Simpsons have been lately. Fox killed The Family Guy by not promoting it much and then changing its time slot 8 times a month. I think if Undergrads had been promoted better it would have done alot better too. Its way funnier than something like South Park, but one got more exposure than the other. Anyway if you're bored you should watch a few episodes or even check out the website at http://www.undergrads.tv. Send a letter or fax or something to Comedy Central telling them you want more episodes and maybe they'll take care of the funding.

Nothing else exciting is going on, I just had to encourage everyone to watch Undergrads. I wish I'd known the show existed a year ago!

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